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Business Transformation

Undertaking a meaningful business transformation requires a company to rethink all aspects of how it operates.
This change is necessary to maintain growth in today’s highly competitive marketplaces.
To successfully transform, each business needs a unique strategy that is centered around the customer and the people within the company who get the work done.
We will immerse ourselves into your business, creating a detailed plan for business transformation.


What We Can Do For You

Identify Gaps

Identify Business gaps against world benchmarks

Prioritize Gaps

Prioritize Gaps on a
Pareto basis

Agree on Timing

Agree timings to eliminate
these Gaps

Determine value

Determine value of savings against targets set

Monitor Results

Monitor improved results on a Weekly basis

Action Gaps

Action Gaps as agreed with Customer

Monitor Production

Real-time Production monitoring to be implemented

Business strategy

Identify and revise the company's
overall business strategy

Shopfloor Skills

Develop shopfloor skills in line with business requirements

45 Years Experience in business transformation
Phil de Jager
Phil de jager
Head: Consulting
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